With three goals against Luxemburg last night, Cristiano Ronaldo once again broke a record in his career, this time with the most hat-tricks scored for the national team.The Manchester United star has been reaching several milestones lately, so much so that it’s been getting hard to keep up with all of them.

Now to talk about this, TNT Sports had an interview with his teammate Bruno Fernandes, who also featured for Portugal last night. Asked about how he sees Ronaldo breaking those records, the midfielder said he continues being impressed with how his teammate so easily racks up goals for the national side.

“The same. Hungry to break more,” Bruno Fernandes told Brazilian outlet TNT Sports.“He once said something very interesting. He said it’s not he who follows the records, it’s the records that follow him. And I’m starting to think it’s true. Because his ability to score goals is impressive, his ability to be in the right place is impressive.”

Say what you want. Easy goals, not easy goals. There are no easy goals. You have to be there, you have to feel it, you have to have the feeling of the goal. He’s in the right place and scores it. Even being in the right place, it’s hard to score. There are those who fail, he doesn’t fail.”

Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo featured in both of Portugal’s games in this international break. First in the 3-0 win over Qatar in a friendly at the weekend, and now when thrashing Luxembourg 5-0 in a World Cup qualifier.
They are now back in action for Manchester United on Saturday, as the Red Devils go to Leicester City to face the Foxes at the King Power Stadium.

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