The former Liverpool defender spoke about Manchester United’s struggles on Monday Night Football.Re-signing Cristiano Ronaldo means Manchester United have got to deploy Paul Pogba in central midfield.That’s the opinion from Liverpool great and Sky Sports pundit, Jamie Carragher, who openly discussed the Premier League giants – and their struggles – during the latest edition of Monday Night Football.

As always, Carragher was joined by former United captain Gary Neville in the studio.Dissecting the latest Premier League action – including a heavy 4-2 reverse for United against Leicester City at the King Power Stadium – the pundit hinted Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has had to think again about where Pogba plays now that Ronaldo is back at Old Trafford.

Carragher took aim at the decision, due to a lack of discipline on the part of Pogba, but the ex-Liverpool player did stop short of saying he that should be dropped from this misfiring United team.He said: “You can’t play five attacking players, you just can’t. I said this 12 months ago, I have never felt that Pogba and [Bruno] Fernandes can play together centrally in the same team.

“The first thing is that Pogba has to come out of central midfield, but the reason he is playing there comes back to the Ronaldo signing.“I said when he signed that this is a better signing for the Premier League than it is for Manchester United. As soon as he signed,

I knew that he was the type of player that you cannot leave out and you have to play through the middle. What’s the knock-on effect? Pogba going to the left at the end of last and beginning of this season, United almost fell on to something.Pogba has to play central midfield with Ronaldo coming, he’s got too many options.“But when Pogba plays central there is a disconnect there, he’s not disciplined enough to play central midfield. I’m not saying he should be out of the team, but he shouldn’t be in central midfield.”

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