Cristiano Ronaldo has always been portrayed by the media as a robust sports star. He’s the world’s most popular bad boy and the Portuguese are always in the middle of some kind of controversy.

Either that or he’s out on the field doing amazing performances with a ball at his feet. But there’s another side to Ronaldo that we don’t see often.

When Ronaldo isn’t being followed by a camera, he’s a different person: he’s a fun-loving young chap.

It’s almost like he hasn’t grown up and is still a teenager. When he’s not focused on developing his skills, he’s busy fooling around, teasing, and joking with his teammates.

He was recently spotted training with his team ahead of the Manchester United game and he had his funniest moment.

Ronaldo joined his team for training later than the others as he was enjoying a long vacation in the United States with his family.

During this vacation, he also met his supporters and did his personal business, such as B. Researching the expansion of his CR7 brand.

His holiday ended with his tax evasion court case which had sparked serious speculation about his departure from Real Madrid to his former club Manchester United.

There was also speculation that he could join PSG or a Chinese club. It all started when Ronaldo mentioned to his teammates that he was unhappy with his club’s lack of support amid allegations of tax evasion by the Spanish authorities.

Ronaldo was able to prove his innocence. That was nothing compared to Barca’s support for Messi and Neymar when those players faced similar charges.

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