The battle for the World Cup title has been reduced from 32 to 8 teams, with a frantic run to knock out 4 more teams in the quarter-finals from Friday.
With the matches played on Tuesday, the last 16 stage of the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar also ended, with only 8 of the 32 teams that participated in the event with big dreams remaining.

From the initial round, big teams like Germany, Belgium, Uruguay and Denmark were eliminated, after which teams like USA, Australia, Poland, Senegal, Japan, South Korea and Spain were also eliminated from the last 16.
The first quarter-final will be played between Croatia and Brazil on Friday, the Netherlands and Argentina will compete in the night, the first match will be between Morocco and Portugal on Saturday, and the fourth quarter-final is scheduled between England and France on the same night.

Among the teams that made it to the final 8, Brazil has won the most titles with 5 titles, Argentina and France have won 2 and 2 times respectively, England won the only title in 1966, Netherlands, Croatia, Morocco and Portugal. Has not won a single trophy yet.

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