FIFA has announced that the new football will be used instead of Al-Rihalla for the final matches of the World Cup.

Al-Hallam football will replace Al-Rihalla and will be used for the semi-finals, third and fourth place and final matches.

Al-Halm is an Arabic word that means dream, while al-Rihlah means journey.This new ball is also eco-friendly like the Al Rihlah and used water-based ink and glue for its production.

Used from the group stages to the quarter-finals, the Al-Rihalla Football was the first smart football to be used at the FIFA World Cup with sensors installed inside to help video referees track and make decisions.All these technologies are also present in Halm.

According to FIFA, the color of the Al-Hallam ball is different from that of Al-Rihalla and is gold in color, representing the desert region of the host country Qatar and the FIFA World Cup trophy.

“The dream reflects the power of football and sports to bring the world together,” FIFA said in a statement.

The statement further said that in almost every country of the world, millions of people come together to express their passion for football.

According to the statement, connected ball technology gives video match officials better access to important details, with ball-to-ball data telling the story of unique moments on the stadium pitch.


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