The Moroccan team has surprised the world with its excellent performance in the FIFA World Cup, while the performance of other footballers in the team was unparalleled, goalkeeper Bono played the biggest role in reaching the semi-finals.

31-year-old Yassine Bono has not allowed the opposing team’s footballers to score a single goal. Fans call him Bono.

The Moroccan team has been undefeated by playing five matches in the FIFA World Cup so far, even star footballer Ronaldo’s team failed miserably in front of Morocco and got out of the WorldCup.Morocco’s first match in the World Cup was against Croatia, in which neither team could score a goal, and the match ended in a tie. In the second match, Morocco played against Belgium and won two,zero. The third match was against Canada, in which Morocco won by two goals to one, but this one Canadian goal was also scored by Morocco against itself.

Yassin Bono’s standout performance came against Spain as he kept a single goal in the penalty shootout, and Morocco advanced to the quarter-finals with a three-nil win.
In the quarter-finals, Morocco faced Ronaldo’s team, Portugal, which Morocco defeated by one goal to zero.

So far in the FIFA World Cup, no player has been able to put the ball in the goal for Morocco as Bono has looked rock-solid on the pitch every time, which is why Morocco’s success has been attributed to goalkeeper Bono’s Sardia. is going.

According to media reports, goalkeeper Bono has spent an important part of his career in Spain and he has been the goalkeeper of Sevilla football. Granted, after receiving this honor, he has also been named the ninth best goalkeeper in the world.

Bono has also been awarded Spain’s Zamora Trophy for the 2021-22 season, an award in Spain given to the goalkeeper who concedes the fewest goals in a year.

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