What are you looking at stupid? Go away!’ This sarcastic phrase thrown by Lionel Messi at the Dutch player Wot Weghorst in the ongoing football World Cup match in Qatar was so liked by Argentina that it now appears on mugs, t-shirts and other products. Is.

In a viral video, soccer superstar Messi can be seen giving an interview after Friday’s (December 9) storming quarter-final clash with the Netherlands.

Messi looked away from the camera briefly during the interview and then said the phrase while looking at Dutchman Voet Weghorst, whose two late goals sent both teams to penalties.

Although Argentina won the match, Messi also took out his anger at the referee after the match, who had awarded a free kick to Wieghorst.

Football’s world governing body FIFA has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the two teams after a record 18 yellow cards and numerous incidents of in-game clashes at the World Cup.

But Argentina’s Messi has been compared to Diego Maradona, who is known for his fiery and emotional style not only on the field but also off it.

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