Fernando Santos leaves Portugal NT after 8 years.reports Fabrizio Romano.

Fernando Santos led Portugal to the 2016 European Championship trophy, beating hosts France 1-0 in the final in Paris.

Santos then steered his side to lift the inaugural UEFA Nations League trophy in 2019.

Star footballer Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, in a message on her Instagram, criticized the team’s coach, Fernando Santos, for pulling out of Portugal’s mega event.

“During the match your friend and the coach’s decisions were very poor. The friend I was very proud of. When I entered the stadium, I saw how everything had changed, but it was too late,” Georgina said.

One thought on “Fernando Santos leaves Portugal NT after 8 years”
  1. Santos made the only right decision was to leave Portugal 🇵🇹 as head coach..This world Cup could had been won by the Portuguese team. Justby having Ronaldo start but it’s to late now.we can only hope Ronaldo accepts the offer from Saudi Arabia to complete a full circle of his career or finish in real Madrid.what ever he decides we will respect him and his family.I PERSONALLY WANT HIM IN ONE MORE WORLD CUP UNDER A NEW PORTUGAL 🇵🇹 HEAD COACH WHO WILL PLAY HIM AS A STARTER EVERY GAME.

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