Both the semi-finals of FIFA World Cup 2022 being played in Qatar were played with the new ball “Dream Ball” which broke the dreams of unsuccessful teams.

The colorful festival of the Football World Cup 2022 being played in Qatar will now come to an end after only two matches. 62 matches have been played so far in the World Cup of Football, the world’s most popular sport, which started last month.

A total of 60 matches of the group, pre-quarter finals and quarter finals before the semi-finals were played with the football that was called “Al-Rahla” in Arabic, which means the travel book in Urdu. Thus, when this journey of the World Cup reached 60 matches, only four matches were left and the last four teams had the dream of winning the World Cup in their eyes, then it was decided to use a new ball in the semi-finals.

The new ball was used in both semi-finals of the World Cup, which was named “Al-Hallam” in Arabic. Its meaning in Urdu is dream. Thus, this new football is known as “Dream Ball” in the world.

The Dream Ball debuted in the first semi-final between Argentina and Croatia, in which Argentina crushed Croatia’s dream of reaching the final, and in the second semi-final, Morocco lost to defending champions France.

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