The match between Croatia and Morocco for the third place in the FIFA World Cup will be held at Al Khalifa Stadium on Saturday. Winning the hearts of football fans around the world, the Moroccan team is determined to reach the victory stand. Against Croatia, they will enter the field with a clear lead in the group and a new determination to win. Both the teams were in Group F and their match ended in a goalless draw. Both were unbeaten before the semi-finals.

Morocco beat Spain 3-0 on penalty kicks in the pre-quarterfinals and Portugal 1-0 in the quarter-finals. The morale of the Moroccan team is very high and there is a possibility that they will get a prominent position in their own and African countries by winning the third position. But on the other hand, the Croatian team will not hesitate to fight for the third position.

Even after the semi-final defeat against France, the Moroccan fans cheered on their team, despite the Moroccan team conceding a goal, the fans kept chanting and clapping for their players until the last minute. In the third position match, all the fans from Arab countries are declaring Morocco as the favorite. A day before the match, Moroccan supporters in different areas of Doha were seen chanting slogans in support of the team for the flag.

The coach of the Moroccan team, Waleed Regragai, says that the defeat against France did not discourage us, we still have the ability to win. The match will go in a new way. We realize that we have already achieved a great success.

We know that our performance on media, social media, and TV has made everyone in our country proud of us.

I think the whole world is proud of this Moroccan team. He said that I will give a chance in the third position match to those players who did not participate in the previous matches.

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