Argentina’s soccer team’s World Cup-winning celebration had to be brought to an abrupt end after it fell into disarray, with helicopters being called in to evacuate players from a large crowd.A public holiday was announced in Argentina for winning the third World Cup trophy after 36 years, a victory parade program was organized in the city in an open bus, but it had to be hastily ended due to disorder.


Millions of enthusiastic fans turned out to welcome Argentina’s World Cup winners, led by Lionel Messi, but most were disappointed when the open-top bus parade had to be abandoned due to large crowds.The parade was organized in a 30-kilometer area from the outskirts of Buenos Aires to the center of the capital, with huge crowds of enthusiastic fans cheering their heroes with each meter, but due to overcrowding, the parade was canceled. The pace was very slow, the bus crawled for about five hours, after which the players were picked up in a helicopter and flown to the destination.


Presidential Spokesperson Gabriela Cerotti said in her message that it was impossible to continue the parade on the ground due to the crowd, so many people had to return home disappointed. Some of the fans even hijacked the police car and transferred it to another place by sitting in a helicopter.A 20-year-old man was also killed in the stampede that took place on the occasion, during which there was a clash between the angry fans and the police, some people threw bottles and other objects at the police.


On the other hand, the president of the Argentine Football Association, Claudia Topia, accused that the decision to end the Victory Parade was made by the police, the authorities did not give us the opportunity to celebrate together with the people, it is shameful, meanwhile, Messi. And 4 other Argentine players narrowly escaped being hit by an overhead cable during the parade.

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