The FIFA World Cup held in Qatar ended with the victory of Argentina, but this 45-day event has left many controversies as well as many happy memories in the minds of the fans.In the event, where Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Japan upset the big teams, the big players of the world of football also showed their talents.

Qatar, which hosted this event in 2010, has worked hard to make this event four moons, and apart from preparing magnificent stadiums equipped with modern facilities, it has also exposed fans from all over the world to its culture. Opportunities provided.Even though it was hosted by Qatar, this event remained under controversy.

During the FIFA World Cup, the beautiful stadiums, large number of volunteers, excellent security arrangements and transport and accommodation arrangements for the fans were the center of attention worldwide.It is unprecedented for this Gulf country with a population of less than three million to host such a major tournament.

Qatar has spent around $220 billion on infrastructure, building hotels and providing modern transport facilities. This amount was more than 20 times more than the expenditure made by Russia for the 2018 World Cup. Russia spent around 11 billion dollars on the 2018 World Cup.On the one hand, some countries continued to praise Qatar for the excellent organization of the event, while this event remained under controversy.

Qatar has also been criticized for human rights violations and low wages during the construction of infrastructure and stadiums.In the same way, the Qatari government was also accused of suppressing the expression of opinion. There were also controversies on the issues of banning the wearing of one-low arm bands and bringing certain types of flags into the stadium to express solidarity with homosexuals.

The Qatar World Cup was also unique from past World Cup competitions in that it had the highest number of goals scored.A total of 172 goals were scored during the Qatar World Cup, while in the final, Argentina and France scored three goals, after which the final was decided on penalty kicks.

During the World Cup, the fans felt bored in some matches, but most of the matches and their results surprised the fans around the world. In such competitions, there was also a match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina played in the group stages.

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