The reputation of the World Cup held in Qatar continues even after its conclusion, and the British broadcaster, the biggest critic of the FIFA World Cup being held in the Gulf country, has had to face it.The British Broadcasting Corporation conducted a poll to find out the public’s opinion regarding the best World Cup of this century, but it did not get satisfactory results from its poll.

In a BBC public poll for the best World Cup of the century, 78 percent of people rated the mega event held in Qatar as the best World Cup. South Korea and Japan’s 2002 event finished second in the poll with 6 percent of the vote.It should be noted that Qatar is the first Islamic and Gulf country to host the World Cup of the world’s most popular sport, football.

Before the start of the World Cup, there was a wave of criticism after the World Cup was held in Qatar and then some restrictions were imposed. Especially Western and European countries had strongly criticized in this regard. However, with the end of the World Cup, criticism turned into congratulations.

Qatar made wonderful arrangements for millions of fans from all over the world. The spectacular hosting and arrangements at the month-long event forced critics to change their opinions. Spectacular arrangements, thrilling opening and closing ceremonies, and thrilling matches were thoroughly enjoyed by the fans.It should be noted that Qatar spent 220 billion dollars and built 8 new stadiums for the mega event of FIFA World Cup.

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