After the announcement of the signing of Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo by the famous football club Al Nasr FC of Saudi Arabia, fans lined up at sportswear stores to buy RONALDO and the new number 7 shirt.

According to Arab News, Muaz Al-Jandal, a lawyer and journalist living a few steps away from the mega store near Al-Nasr Club in Riyadh, the capital of the kingdom, was also among those who bought the shirts.

An Al Nasr fan has said that within a few hours of Cristiano Ronaldo joining the club, sales of the team’s number 7 shirt have increased enormously.
Al-Jandal said, “I consider myself lucky to live close to Al-Nasr Store because I reached here the moment the news was announced by reputable international and Saudi newspapers.”

He said that at that time it was raining in Riyadh city and the flow of traffic was slow due to the bad weather and the contract was not officially announced yet, but the number of young people and children who liked Ronaldo was 7 no. stood in queues hoping to buy a jersey.

Muaz said that the staff of the store here is informing Ronaldo’s fans about the availability of the jersey and bookings are also being made to collect the jersey.

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