After the transfer of football star Ronaldo and his family to Saudi Arabia, the world star’s residence in the center of the capital Riyadh has become the center of attention of many people in the world.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” has published photos of the hotel suite where Ronaldo’s family is staying. Newspaper reports described it as a royal residence and said that his residence was located in the Kingdom Tower. They will stay in the same suite until a separate house is prepared for them.

Ronaldo home in Saudi Arabia
Ronaldo home in Saudi Arabia

The newspaper said that the Portuguese star is staying in a royal suite. It is such a wonderful location that offers the best view of the capital. Gangdum Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Riyadh. It is a two-storied and 17-room house.

It is also considered to be one of the best suites in the tower. The 17-room house is occupied by Ronaldo’s family, friends and security staff. Everything Ronaldo needs is inside this luxurious suite. Remember, the Kingdom Tower is a 99-story building.

This two-story house has a living room, a private office, a dining room and a media room. Royal suites are usually smaller in size, but this suite is 2,595 square feet. It would be bigger than most of the apartments in the UK where Ronaldo lived during his time at Manchester United.

Book privately

The cost of Ronaldo’s hotel suite is not listed on the hotel’s website. It must be booked privately, as it belongs to the royal suite. The smaller presidential suite, on the other hand, can be booked online and costs £3,300 per night.

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