Cristiano Ronaldo displayed impressive techniques on the field, leaving a defender in the dust as he made his debut for Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr.During the game, Ronaldo had many opportunities to score but was unable to find the net. He did perform a skill move that left a defender on the ground. The video of this move can be watched.

Cristiano Ronaldo played his first game for his new team, Al-Nassr, in Riyadh. The team won the game 1-0 but Ronaldo did not score a goal. Everyone at the game, including the fans and his teammates, wanted to see Ronaldo score.

This made it hard for the team to play their best because they were too focused on Ronaldo scoring. Even though the atmosphere was good and people were happy to see Ronaldo, the game ended with mixed feelings.

In a soccer game, a 37-year-old player ran with the ball to the edge of the field and kicked it across the field, but it missed the goal.

This happened after he had scored twice for his team in an exhibition match earlier in the day. His team, Al Nassr, has played 14 games and is currently in first place, ahead of the team that won the championship last year, Al Hilal.

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