According to a report from Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, the Saudi Arabian league is set to attract three legendary football players – Karim Benzema, Luka Modric, and Sergio Ramos – with a lucrative contract.

The league aims to strengthen its competitiveness by attracting top talent from Europe, starting with Cristiano Ronaldo signing with Al Nassr earlier this year. The offer for the trio is a two-year contract worth €30 million per year for each player, a total of €60 million, along with tax exemptions.

The contracts were made through the players’ representatives in recent weeks and all three have the opportunity to join a Saudi Arabian club when their contracts with their current clubs expire.

Ramos’ contract with PSG will end this season, while Modric and Benzema’s contracts with Real Madrid will end in the summer. The players are expected to continue discussions with the Saudi entity in the coming months.

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