In football, there are some goals that are considered impossible or highly unlikely to be repeated. Some examples include:

  1. Overhead kick: Marco van Basten’s famous goal in the 1988 European Championships is widely regarded as one of the greatest goals of all time, a spectacular overhead kick from a tight angle that sailed into the top corner of the net.
  2. Backheel goal: A backheel goal is a goal scored by flicking the ball into the net with the heel of the foot, and it’s considered a difficult skill to master. One famous example is Gonzalo Higuain’s goal for Napoli against Roma in 2013.
  3. Scissor kick: A scissor kick is a type of overhead kick in which the player jumps and kicks the ball with both legs spread apart, similar to the shape of scissors. One famous example is Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s stunning scissor kick goal for Sweden against England in 2012.
  4. Long-range goal: A long-range goal is a goal scored from a significant distance away from the goal, typically outside the box. One famous example is David Beckham’s goal from the halfway line against Wimbledon in 1996.

These types of goals are considered impossible or highly unlikely due to the skill, precision, and accuracy required to score them. However, as the sport evolves and players continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, there is always the possibility of new impossible goals being scored.

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