Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, expressed his disappointment with his team’s performance against Leeds United on Wednesday. Despite Jadon Sancho’s equalizing goal, which salvaged a draw for Manchester United, ten Hag criticized his players for failing to be prepared for the match and lacking responsibility. He stated that starting a game like they did in a local derby is unacceptable, and expressed frustration with the team’s performance in the beginning of each half.

On the other hand, ten Hag praised Sancho’s performance, calling him a “brilliant footballer.” He acknowledged that Sancho has the potential to have a big impact on the team if he continues to work hard.

Leeds United’s caretaker manager, Michael Skubala, was also disappointed with the outcome of the game but praised his team’s ability to withstand Manchester United’s late pressure. Skubala stated that he is unsure of his role in Sunday’s return match and that the decision is up to others.

Overall, ten Hag and Skubala both expressed their desire to do what is best for their respective clubs. Ten Hag hopes that Sancho will continue to improve, while Skubala is committed to helping Leeds in any way he can.

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