There have been many unbelievable goals scored throughout the history of football (soccer), but here are some of the most iconic and memorable ones:

  1. Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal – During the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals, Maradona scored a goal against England using his left hand. The goal was controversial, but it was allowed by the referee. Maradona later claimed that it was “the hand of God” that helped him score the goal.
  2. Marco van Basten’s volley in the 1988 European Championship final – In the final against the Soviet Union, van Basten scored an incredible volley from a tight angle that sailed over the goalkeeper’s head and into the net.
  3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s overhead kick against England – In a friendly match in 2012, Ibrahimovic scored an incredible goal with an overhead kick from 30 yards out that left the English goalkeeper helpless.
  4. Lionel Messi’s solo goal against Getafe – In a Copa del Rey match in 2007, Messi picked up the ball near the halfway line and dribbled past five Getafe players before slotting the ball past the goalkeeper.
  5. Dennis Bergkamp’s goal against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup – In the quarterfinals against Argentina, Bergkamp controlled a long ball with his first touch, spun around a defender with his second touch, and then calmly slotted the ball past the goalkeeper with his third touch.
  6. Roberto Carlos’ free kick against France – In a friendly match in 1997, Roberto Carlos scored an incredible free kick from 35 yards out that curved around the wall and into the top corner of the net.
  7. Saeed Al-Owairan’s solo goal for Saudi Arabia in the 1994 World Cup – In a group stage match against Belgium, Al-Owairan picked up the ball in his own half and dribbled past several Belgian players before slotting the ball past the goalkeeper.
  8. Carlos Alberto’s goal for Brazil in the 1970 World Cup final – In the final against Italy, Brazil scored one of the most iconic team goals in football history. The move involved several Brazilian players before Carlos Alberto scored the final goal with a powerful shot into the corner of the net.

These goals are just a few examples of the incredible feats that footballers have achieved throughout history, and they continue to inspire and amaze fans around the world

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