Sure, here are ten of Cristiano Ronaldo’s top goals for Real Madrid:

  1. Real Madrid vs. Juventus – UEFA Champions League Final – 3rd June 2017 – Ronaldo scored an amazing bicycle kick in this match that left the Juventus crowd in awe.
  2. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona – Copa Del Rey Final – 20th April 2011 – Ronaldo scored a brilliant header in the final, helping Real Madrid win the Copa del Rey.
  3. Real Madrid vs. Manchester United – UEFA Champions League Round of 16 – 13th February 2013 – Ronaldo scored a stunning goal against his former club, Manchester United.
  4. Real Madrid vs. Osasuna – La Liga – 12th February 2011 – Ronaldo scored an incredible backheel goal that left the goalkeeper rooted to the spot.
  5. Real Madrid vs. Rayo Vallecano – La Liga – 24th March 2013 – Ronaldo scored a superb free-kick goal from 35 yards out.
  6. Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich – UEFA Champions League Semi-Final – 23rd April 2014 – Ronaldo scored a fantastic goal with a powerful header against Bayern Munich.
  7. Real Madrid vs. Espanyol – La Liga – 31st January 2016 – Ronaldo scored a brilliant goal with a backheel flick that surprised everyone.
  8. Real Madrid vs. Sevilla – La Liga – 14th May 2017 – Ronaldo scored a fantastic free-kick goal from 30 yards out in the last game of the 2016/2017 season.
  9. Real Madrid vs. Galatasaray – UEFA Champions League Group Stage – 17th September 2013 – Ronaldo scored an incredible long-range goal from outside the box.

Real Madrid vs. Levante – La Liga – 11th November 2012 – Ronaldo scored a brilliant goal with a powerful shot from the edge of the box.

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