Casemiro is a defensive midfielder who is known for his excellent defensive skills and ability to intercept the ball. While he is not typically known for his dribbling skills, he is still capable of carrying the ball forward and making runs with it when necessary.

Casemiro’s dribbling technique is relatively simple, with a focus on using his body to shield the ball and protect it from opponents. He often uses short, controlled touches to maintain possession and avoid challenges, rather than flashy dribbling moves.

However, there are instances where Casemiro displays impressive dribbling skills, such as his ability to quickly change direction and make sharp turns to evade defenders. He also has a good sense of spatial awareness, which allows him to navigate through tight spaces and find open passing lanes.

Overall, while Casemiro may not be known as a flashy dribbler, his defensive skills and ability to control the midfield make him a valuable asset to any team.

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