João Cancelo is a Portuguese professional football player who currently plays as a right-back for Manchester City and the Portuguese national team. Cancelo is known for his impressive dribbling and technical skills on the field, which make him a dynamic and unpredictable player to watch.

Cancelo is particularly skilled at dribbling, using his quick feet and close control to evade defenders and create space for himself and his teammates. He is also a proficient crosser of the ball and has the ability to pick out teammates with accurate passes from a range of distances.

Cancelo’s technical skills are also evident in his ability to execute a range of moves and tricks on the ball, including stepovers, feints, and nutmegs. He is comfortable with the ball at his feet and is not afraid to take on multiple defenders at once.

Overall, Cancelo’s dribbling and skills make him an exciting player to watch, and a valuable asset to his team. His ability to break down defenses and create scoring opportunities is a key part of his game, and has helped him to establish himself as one of the top right-backs in the world.

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