France set their sights on building momentum following their dominant 4-0 victory over the Netherlands in their first qualifying match for Euros 2024. It appears that the pain of their defeat in the 2022 World Cup final has spurred them on to claim victory at the upcoming European Championship. Their next challenge comes in the form of Ireland, who will face the formidable task of taking on the former World Champions in their opening qualifier.

Despite making several changes to their squad, France effortlessly overpowered the Dutch with their convincing display. Ireland, on the other hand, have not beaten the French since way back in 1981. Additionally, France has emerged victorious every time they have played the Irish on their home soil in this century.

However, the French team and their fans must not underestimate the Irish side. Despite their poor record against France, they have only lost three of their last 30 qualifying matches for the European Championship. Furthermore, the memory of the controversial loss to the 2018 World Champions in 2010, due to Thierry Henry’s infamous handball, will undoubtedly provide extra motivation for the Irish.

In conclusion, France’s victory over the Netherlands has set them on the path to Euro 2024, but they must not overlook the Irish. The upcoming match promises to be a thrilling encounter between two teams that are determined to make a mark in this tournament.

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