Football is a sport that requires not only physical ability but also strategic thinking and quick decision-making. Some of the smartest IQ moments in football history have been displayed by players, coaches, and even referees. These moments have often been the key to winning games and achieving success in the sport. Here are some of the smartest IQ moments in football history.

One of the most famous IQ moments in football history came from Johan Cruyff during the 1974 World Cup. Playing for the Netherlands, Cruyff executed a move known as the “Cruyff turn,” in which he faked out the Swedish defender by feinting a pass with one foot, then dragging the ball behind his other foot and turning in the opposite direction. This move has since become one of the most iconic moves in football history and is a testament to Cruyff’s creativity and intelligence on the field.

Another famous IQ moment came from AC Milan’s Arrigo Sacchi during the 1989 European Cup final against Steaua București. Sacchi made the tactical decision to play without a traditional striker, opting instead for a lineup of midfielders who could control the game and dominate possession. This strategy paid off, as Milan won the game 4-0 and established themselves as one of the best teams in Europe.

In 2018, during a match between Real Madrid and Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo showed his IQ on the field. Real Madrid had been awarded a penalty, and Ronaldo spotted that the Juventus goalkeeper was out of position. Instead of simply taking the penalty, he faked a shot and then chipped the ball over the goalkeeper’s head for a spectacular goal.

Referees have also displayed their IQ on the field, and one of the most famous examples came during the 2010 World Cup quarterfinals between Germany and Argentina. The referee, Ravshan Irmatov, showed incredible awareness and presence of mind when he spotted an off-the-ball incident between two players that had been missed by his assistants. He immediately stopped play and consulted with his assistants before issuing a red card to the offending player.

In conclusion, football has produced some incredible IQ moments over the years, and they have become a part of the game’s history. Whether it’s a player executing a brilliant move, a coach making a strategic decision, or a referee showing incredible awareness, these moments have demonstrated the intelligence and creativity that are required to succeed in football. They are a reminder of why football is such a fascinating sport and why it continues to captivate fans around the world.

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