Cristiano Ronaldo is the all-time top scorer in men’s football with an impressive tally of 702 goals in 952 games for all of his clubs. Today, we’ll take a look at the top five teams he’s enjoyed playing against the most, based on the number of goals he’s scored against them.

At number five is Celta Vigo, whom Ronaldo has faced only 13 times but has scored an impressive 20 goals against. He has netted three hat-tricks against them, twice in La Liga and once in the Copa del Rey, during his time with Real Madrid.

Barcelona comes in at number four, with Ronaldo having played against them 34 times and scoring 20 goals in all competitions. Although he failed to score against them in his three games with Manchester United, he managed to score twice for Juventus in the 2020-21 Champions League group stage.

At number three is Getafe, against whom Ronaldo has scored a staggering 23 goals in just 14 games, including three hat-tricks and five braces.

Atletico Madrid comes in at number two, with Ronaldo having scored 25 goals against them. His Champions League performances against them were particularly noteworthy, including a hat-trick in the semi-finals in the 2016-17 season and three more goals in the quarterfinals in the 2018-19 season.

Finally, Ronaldo’s favorite team to score against is Sevilla, against whom he has scored an incredible 27 goals in just 18 games. During his time with Real Madrid, Ronaldo faced Sevilla 16 times in La Liga, once in the UEFA SuperCup, and three times in the Copa del Rey, scoring 25 goals in total. He has also scored five hat-tricks against them, all in La Liga.

In conclusion, Ronaldo has been a prolific goal-scorer throughout his career and has enjoyed facing many different opponents. These five teams, however, have been particularly generous to him, with their defenses often struggling to contain his attacking prowess.

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