Cristiano Ronaldo has been widely regarded as the best football player in the world for several years. Fans from all over the globe appreciate him not only for his skills on the field, but also for the incredible amount of effort he puts in to win championships. He is the only living legend in world football, the king of records that have never been surpassed, and an unstoppable force on the pitch. It’s difficult to think of a way in which people haven’t expressed their admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese superstar recently made headlines when he broke a record while playing for his country’s national team. This caused people around the world to wonder how someone could be so “superhuman.” Not long ago, while sitting at a pre-match press conference for the Euro European Football Championship in June, Ronaldo did not hesitate to “clean up” two bottles of soft drinks that the sponsors had placed on the table as an advertising tool. He immediately picked up the white water bottle and said “Agua” (Portuguese for water).

That single word was enough to cause a stir: Coca-Cola’s stock depreciated quite badly, losing as much as $4 billion in value, although it has since recovered. But economic issues aside, that act is clear evidence that Ronaldo is not only one of the most naturally gifted figures on the planet, but also one of the most conscious players in the world, with a passion for health and fitness.

Despite being 36 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo remains one of the most admired footballers in the world, thanks to his incredible diet and gym habits. It’s the result of years of relentless training and strict dieting, which includes eating up to six meals a day, for example. But how has he been able to maintain his amazing physical condition for so long? In fact, over the past few years, Ronaldo has revealed not only his diet but also his extremely strict training regime. And even though this superstar possesses rare luxury equipment and exercises so much that few dare to do it, there are actually other simple habits that we can all adopt at home, such as a specific exercise or a healthy lifestyle rule.

In addition to drinking water instead of soft drinks, here are a few other secrets of Cristiano Ronaldo that you should try right away, as they will definitely work! “Work out wherever you can,” Ronaldo said in 2015 when he gave some health and fitness tips along with the launch of his new apparel product. “You can do abs in the bedroom when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed. If you practice regularly, it will be easier because it will become a habit.” Ronaldo is one of the hardest workers on the pitch, but his rigorous training regime doesn’t stop there. The superstar’s home has a personal gym with a swimming pool, and he regularly posts photos of himself doing extra exercises at home, such as continuous workouts and heavy weight training.

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