On September 11, 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo made his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez cry tears of joy during his first Champions League match for Juventus. Ronaldo had just completed a €100 million transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus and was set to make his debut in a match against Valencia.During the warm-up, Ronaldo noticed Georgina and his son, Cristiano Jr., in the stands and waved to them. He then blew a kiss to Georgina, causing her to break down in tears of happiness.

The match itself was a tense affair, with Ronaldo’s Juventus side eventually coming out on top with a 2-0 victory. Ronaldo had a solid performance, but was unable to find the back of the net.After the match, Ronaldo spoke to the media and dedicated the win to his family, saying “I dedicate this to my family, to my girlfriend, to my son. It was a special night, I am happy.”

Georgina later took to social media to express her joy at being able to support Ronaldo in his new club. She posted a picture of her and Ronaldo’s son watching the match from the stands, with the caption “Unconditional support.”Ronaldo and Georgina have been together since 2016 and have a daughter together named Alana Martina. They have also been very open about their relationship on social media, often sharing pictures and videos of each other and their family.

In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut for Juventus was a memorable moment not just for him, but for his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez as well. His gesture towards her in the stands made her cry tears of happiness, and his dedication of the win to his family showed just how important they are to him. Their relationship has been a source of joy for many fans, and their love and support for each other is truly heartwarming.

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