Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) and Olympique Lyonnais Football Club (Lyon) are both professional football clubs based in France. PSG is based in Paris, while Lyon is based in the city of Lyon.

PSG is one of the most successful clubs in France, having won numerous domestic titles including Ligue 1, Coupe de France, and Coupe de la Ligue. They have also made several appearances in the UEFA Champions League, reaching the final in 2020.

Lyon is also a successful club, having won Ligue 1 seven times and Coupe de France five times. They have also reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League several times.

When these two teams meet, it is usually a closely contested match, as both teams have a history of success and talented players. The outcome of the match can depend on several factors, such as the form of the players, the tactics of the coaches, and other unpredictable variables.

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