Joshua Kimmich, the German footballer, is widely regarded as one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. His footwork and skills on the pitch are a key reason for his success and acclaim.

Kimmich’s footwork is exceptional, allowing him to move with speed and precision around the pitch. He has an excellent sense of balance and can change direction quickly, which allows him to evade defenders with ease. His ability to control the ball and dribble past opponents is also impressive, making him a real threat going forward.

In addition to his footwork, Kimmich’s skills on the ball are equally impressive. He has a great touch, which allows him to control the ball with ease and distribute it accurately to his teammates. His passing range is also excellent, and he has a keen eye for spotting gaps in the opposition’s defence and exploiting them with incisive passes.

Kimmich’s versatility is another asset that makes him a valuable player. He is equally comfortable playing as a central midfielder or a right-back, and his tactical awareness means he is always in the right place at the right time to make a crucial intervention or start a counter-attack.

In summary, Joshua Kimmich’s footwork and skills on the ball are a testament to his hard work and dedication on the training ground. His ability to control the ball with ease, dribble past opponents, and distribute the ball accurately to his teammates make him an asset to any team. His versatility and tactical awareness further enhance his value as a player, and he is sure to continue impressing fans and critics alike with his performances on the pitch.

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