Brighton and Manchester United are playing a live match in the FA Cup semi-final, with both teams unable to score any goals in regular time. The article poses the question of who will emerge as the hero of the match and potentially lead their team to victory at Wembley Stadium. The match appears to be intense and closely contested, with neither side able to break through and secure a goal.

If the match were to proceed to penalties, it would add an extra layer of excitement and tension, as each team’s fate would be decided by a series of high-pressure spot-kicks. The outcome of the match could have significant implications for the respective teams’ seasons, as the FA Cup represents a major trophy and a chance for glory.

In terms of the managers, Erik ten Hag leads Brighton, while it is not specified who is in charge of Manchester United. Both managers would likely be feeling the pressure to make tactical adjustments and potentially bring on substitutes to try and secure a win for their team.

Overall, this hypothetical match presents an intriguing and potentially thrilling scenario for fans of both Brighton and Manchester United, as well as neutrals following the FA Cup.

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