Georgina Rodriguez, the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, recently shared a video of herself attending her “first twerking class” and receiving lessons from a renowned international twerking teacher. Dressed in pulled-up joggers and a sports bra, Georgina showcased her provocative dance moves on her Instagram.

Currently residing in Saudi Arabia, where Ronaldo plays for Al Nassr, Georgina has been the subject of speculation regarding her relationship with the football superstar. However, this month she appeared to deny any rift between them.

Georgina shared a snapshot of herself with Ronaldo on Instagram, in which they shared a kiss while enjoying cocktails. She captioned the post with “cheers to love.”

These posts come in response to Portuguese media reports suggesting that the 38-year-old football icon is “fed up” with his partner. Allegedly, the couple was seen engaged in a heated argument in public while boarding a plane, leading to a “monumental shouting match.” Speculation has arisen about the state of their relationship.

Georgina, however, dismissed these claims by sharing a picture on Instagram of the night sky, accompanied by lyrics from the song “If I Die” by Romeo Santos.


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