The famous football player C. Ronaldo’s family has recently concluded their vacation on the picturesque island of Majorca, Spain. The opulence and extravagance of their holiday have been making headlines for the past few days.

This summer marks the second time that C. Ronaldo has brought his family to Majorca. Ronaldo and his long-time girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, have been actively sharing numerous photos on their social media accounts throughout their summer getaway. Despite their efforts to enjoy a private vacation, the paparazzi have relentlessly pursued them, capturing every moment of the football star’s eventful holiday.

During his stay in Majorca, Ronaldo has spent a significant amount of time on his private yacht, indulging in precious moments with his loved ones. Furthermore, he has invited many friends to join him on the yacht when they coincided in Majorca, enhancing the enjoyment of their summer vacation.

From the photos shared by Ronaldo and Georgina on social media, one can witness the array of activities they have been engaged in during their extended vacation in Majorca. Ronaldo has been actively participating in various physical activities, including swimming, playing football, basketball, table tennis, and more. It is evident that even during his summer break, Ronaldo maintains his dedication to training and staying fit.

Luxury has been a defining aspect of the Ronaldo family’s vacation in Majorca, garnering constant media attention. Initially, they stayed at a luxurious resort nestled at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains. However, their affinity for yachts led them to spend a significant amount of time on a private yacht. To facilitate their swift and convenient travel to the summer vacation destination, Ronaldo’s private jet, which cost 20 million euros (equivalent to over 470 billion VND), was put into use. Ronaldo has owned this private jet since 2015 to serve his personal travel needs.

To accommodate the family’s travel requirements during the summer break, Ronaldo arranged for two supercars to be brought to Majorca. After exploring the area with one of the supercars, Ronaldo’s family embarked on the yacht together, immersing themselves in a luxurious and private environment. The value of Ronaldo’s yacht is approximately 7 million euros (equivalent to 165 billion dong).

Ronaldo’s small family currently consists of five young children: Cristiano Jr (11 years old), Eva (5 years old), Matteo (5 years old), Alana Martina (4 years old), and Bella (2 months old). During this holiday, Ronaldo also organized a birthday party to celebrate his eldest son turning 12.

This marks the second time that Ronaldo’s family has vacationed in Majorca. Last year, they stayed in an old villa with a sea view, costing around 12,000 euros per night (equivalent to nearly 285 million VND).

This time, Ronaldo’s family opted for a more secluded and private location, choosing to stay in a luxury resort situated in a serene and isolated area surrounded by the Tramuntana mountain range. The resort offers tranquility and seclusion, providing a perfect retreat for the family.

Ronaldo enjoyed a 10-day break with his family in Majorca, which is why he brought two supercars and a yacht to serve their travel needs. One of the supercars was suitable for the entire family to move around, while the other was tailored to Ronaldo’s unique preferences. However, an unfortunate incident occurred during the holiday when one of Ronaldo’s bodyguards, driving the super sports car, crashed into a wall, causing damage to the car and knocking down the wall.

Nevertheless, this incident did not dampen Ronaldo’s spirits during the holiday, as he continued to display joy and comfort while spending time with family and friends. Ronaldo’s family has a deep affection for summer vacations on y

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