Piers Morgan has taken aim at the media, accusing them of treating Lionel Messi’s retirement from European football differently than Cristiano Ronaldo’s. Following months of speculation about Messi’s future, including the possibility of him re-signing with Barcelona, the news of his retirement has dominated headlines for the past two days. However, most of the media have refrained from criticizing the former Barcelona star for leaving elite-level football at the age of 35.

In response to Messi’s move to MLS, Piers Morgan expressed his thoughts on Twitter, stating, “So, Messi left elite football at 35 three years before Ronaldo. Presumably, we will now read/hear everything sports writers/pundits have written/said about Cristiano – right? (spoiler alert: we won’t).”

Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand, chose a different path for his post-30 career. After leaving Real Madrid in 2019, CR7 joined Juventus, where he won back-to-back league titles. At the age of 35, the Portuguese superstar has been impressive, contributing 44 goals and seven assists in 45 appearances for Juve.

However, Ronaldo faced criticism when he left Manchester United for Al Nasser last season. An explosive interview with Piers Morgan marked the end of his second spell at Old Trafford as he embarked on a new chapter in his career.

Piers Morgan’s criticism highlights what he perceives as a disparity in the way the media portrays Messi’s retirement compared to Ronaldo’s career choices. He suggests that the coverage surrounding Messi’s decision has been more favorable, while Ronaldo has faced scrutiny for his moves.

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