Martha Higareda is a name that has been popping up on TikTok a lot recently after she allegedly claimed to be Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.’s mother. Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese soccer icon, has an eldest child named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., but the identity of his mother has never been revealed.

Martha Higareda, a 39-year-old Mexican actress and producer, has made the outlandish claim of being Ronaldo Jr.’s mother. She was previously married to Cory Brusseau in 2016 but divorced him in 2019.These claims were made on a show with YouTuber Yordi Rosado. In TikTok videos, Martha can be heard saying, “Yordi, yo soy la mamá de Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.” This translates to, “Yordi, I am the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.” If she actually made this claim, it does seem quite unbelievable.

Ronaldo Jr.’s mother remains a well-kept secret. Ronaldo himself has stated that it is not something he wants to reveal publicly. However, this is not the only extraordinary claim that Martha made on the show.During “The Jonathan Ross Show” in 2015, Ronaldo addressed the issue of his son’s mother. He said, “Junior doesn’t know who his mother is, but don’t make a problem out of it. A lot of kids live without mom and dad, or one of their parents dies.”

“I’m not gonna lie to Cristiano because he deserves to know the truth,” Ronaldo continued. “But I don’t want to tell the truth just because people want me to do it.””When I’m going to tell him about his mother? Not soon, maybe in 10, 11, 12 years? When the time will come,” added the soccer star.Ronaldo Jr. is now over 13 years old. Has his mother’s name been revealed to him? What are your thoughts on this story? Please let us know in the comments.

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