In a thrilling Leagues Cup Round of 32 clash, Inter Miami emerged victorious with a 3-1 win over Orlando City. The match saw Lionel Messi shine as he netted two crucial goals, propelling his team to the next round. Notably, Josef Martinez contributed to the victory with a well-converted penalty, while Jordi Alba made a notable debut for Miami.

However, the post-match atmosphere was colored by Orlando City manager Oscar Pareja’s dissatisfaction with the referee’s decisions. Pareja voiced his frustration, stating, “We have to face the reality of… the call for the penalty kick and other decisions were absurd. Today’s match felt like a circus. The penalty kick decision was beyond belief. I’m uncertain if VAR was even in play today. If it was, then we need to confront that fact.”

Pareja went on to highlight a pivotal moment involving Lionel Messi, stating, “There was a double yellow card for Messi. Regardless of his stature as Messi, it influenced the game. Our frustration stems from the need for a fair match, which was evidently lacking on the field today. While we acknowledge our own responsibility, it’s important to address these issues. Such situations cannot be overlooked.”

The clash between Inter Miami and Orlando City showcased moments of brilliance on one side and contentious refereeing decisions on the other, ultimately shaping an intense encounter that left both teams and fans with plenty to ponder.

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