Lionel Messi’s performance for Inter Miami against Toronto was nothing short of spectacular, as he scored a sensational super hat-trick to lead his team to a 4-0 victory1. The match, which took place in 2023, saw Messi showcase his incredible talent, scoring stunning goals and delivering brilliant plays that left fans and spectators in awe1.

The highlights and all goals from the match are a testament to Messi’s enduring class and skill on the pitch. His ability to change the course of a game with his individual brilliance was on full display, as he secured the win for Inter Miami with his goal-scoring prowess1.

In addition to Messi’s remarkable hat-trick, the match also marked the debut of Sergio Ramos for Inter Miami. Ramos, a seasoned defender known for his leadership and defensive skills, joined the team to bolster their backline and contribute his vast experience to the club2.

The combination of Messi’s attacking genius and Ramos’s defensive solidity is a significant boost for Inter Miami, as they look to make their mark in the MLS. Fans can relive the excitement of Messi’s hat-trick and Ramos’s debut by watching the highlights and all goals from this unforgettable match12.

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