N’Golo Kanté and Fabinho, both highly regarded midfielders, witnessed Cristiano Ronaldo’s astonishing free-kick against Al Ittihad. The moment was nothing short of magical, with Ronaldo’s free-kick bending perfectly into the top corner, leaving the goalkeeper helpless.

Kanté, known for his work rate and relentless energy, couldn’t help but applaud the sheer brilliance of Ronaldo’s execution. The Frenchman, often recognized for his humble nature, couldn’t hide his admiration for Ronaldo’s skill and precision. Kanté expressed his amazement, stating, “Ronaldo’s ability to consistently deliver such incredible strikes is truly remarkable. He is an inspiration for all players.”

Fabinho, a Brazilian midfielder respected for his defensive prowess, also had high praise for Ronaldo’s free-kick. Fabinho marveled at the power and technique involved, acknowledging that only a select few possess such talent. He commented, “Ronaldo’s free-kick was a thing of beauty. The way he strikes the ball with such power and accuracy is a testament to his dedication and years of hard work.”

Both Kanté and Fabinho’s reactions display their deep admiration and respect for Ronaldo’s footballing abilities. In a match that showcased Ronaldo’s exceptional skill, his free-kick left spectators and fellow professionals in awe.

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