Messi vs Ronaldo is a never-ending debate in the football world, and both players have provided us with countless memorable moments throughout their careers. When it comes to goals, they have scored some truly breathtaking ones that will be etched in our memories forever. Let’s take a look at the top 20 craziest goals in history from these two footballing superstars.

Messi’s solo goal vs Getafe: In the 2007 Copa del Rey, Messi dribbled past five defenders in a mesmerizing run before slotting the ball into the net. Ronaldo’s overhead kick vs Juventus: In the 2018 Champions League quarterfinals, Ronaldo delivered an acrobatic masterpiece with a perfectly timed bicycle kick that left the world in awe. Messi’s free-kick vs Liverpool: During the first leg of the 2019 Champions League semifinals, Messi curled a stunning free-kick into the top corner, leaving the Liverpool goalkeeper helpless.

Ronaldo’s long-range rocket vs Porto: In the 2009 Champions League, Ronaldo unleashed an unstoppable shot from outside the box that flew into the top corner of the net. Messi’s chip vs Arsenal: In the 2011 Champions League quarterfinals, Messi delicately chipped the ball over the Arsenal goalkeeper with impeccable precision. Ronaldo’s chest control and volley vs Manchester United: In the 2009 Champions League final, Ronaldo controlled a high cross with his chest before firing a ferocious volley into the net. Messi’s slalom run vs Athletic Bilbao: In the 2015 Copa del Rey final, Messi embarked on a mesmerizing run, weaving past numerous defenders before calmly finishing the move. Ronaldo’s header vs Roma:

In the 2016 Champions League, Ronaldo leaped high in the air and thumped an incredible header into the back of the net. Messi’s long-range strike vs Real Madrid: In 2011, Messi unleashed a thunderous strike from outside the box, leaving the Real Madrid goalkeeper stranded. Ronaldo’s backheel flick vs Eibar: In 2015, Ronaldo showcased his extraordinary skills by backheeling the ball into the net, leaving everyone stunned. Messi’s lob vs Valencia: In 2010, Messi cheekily lifted the ball over the onrushing goalkeeper with a perfectly executed lob.

Ronaldo’s free-kick vs Portsmouth: In 2008, Ronaldo curved a sensational free-kick from a considerable distance into the top corner of the net. Messi’s dribble vs Bayern Munich: In the 2015 Champions League semifinals, Messi left several Bayern defenders in his wake with a mesmerizing dribble before scoring. Ronaldo’s solo goal vs Porto: In the 2009 Champions League quarterfinals, Ronaldo showcased his speed and agility by racing past defenders and slotting the ball home. 15. Messi’s curler vs Almeria: In 2010, Messi curled the ball exquisitely around the goalkeeper into the far corner of the net. 16.

Ronaldo’s free-kick vs Espanyol: In 2016, Ronaldo bent a magnificent free-kick over the wall and into the goal, leaving the goalkeeper rooted to the spot. 17. Messi’s nutmeg and finish vs Real Madrid: In 2011, Messi executed a delightful nutmeg on a Real Madrid defender before calmly slotting the ball past the goalkeeper. 18. Ronaldo’s long-range screamer vs Porto: In 2020, Ronaldo unleashed a powerful shot from outside the box that swerved into the top corner, leaving the Porto goalkeeper helpless.

Messi’s jinking run vs Real Madrid: In 2017, Messi demonstrated his extraordinary dribbling ability by dribbling past multiple Real Madrid defenders before scoring. 20. Ronaldo’s free-kick vs Switzerland: In the 2019 UEFA Nations League, Ronaldo curled a sensational free-kick into the top corner of the net, scoring the decisive goal. These are just some of the incredible goals scored by Messi and Ronaldo throughout their careers. They have continuously pushed the boundaries of what is possible on a football pitch, leaving fans in awe of their extraordinary talent and skill. The debate over who is the better player will forever continue, but what is undeniable is the sheer brilliance and unforgettable moments they have gifted us with their extraordinary goals.

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